December 23, 2023

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Did COP28 deliver?

Daily | 18 December 2023

In many ways, COP28 was historic. For the first time in its history, countries agreed on a pledge to phase down fossil fuel use, and over 100 countries agreed to triple renewable energy capacity by 2030. However, many experts, scientists and others aren’t convinced, and the fine print might tell us why this wasn’t all that historic. Read more on this here.

Can Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s agricultural success be a model for India?

Daily | 20 December 2023

One of the surprises of the recent round of assembly election results was the BJP’s victory in Madhya Pradesh. In the aftermath of the results and the analysis, much of the praise went to former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and his ‘agricultural revolution’. Farm and agriculture issues dominated the discussion during the campaign for the state. How much can Chouhan’s policies be replicated? Was it really that revolutionary? We discuss it here.

Can gigacasting revolutionise the automobile sector?

Daily | 21 December 2023

One innovation that automobile manufacturers are chasing is called gigacasting. It’s replacing structural sections of a car with a single piece of die-cast aluminium alloy. This could change the way automobiles are made in large assembly lines. Some argue it could revolutionise the sector. Others aren’t convinced about its long-term prospects. We unpack this here.

Can Ola’s Krutrim make it big?

Daily | 22 December 2023

The most recent entrant in the AI LLM race is Ola; yes, the ride-hailing company. It unveiled “India’s first full-stack AI solution” called Krutrim. The LLM is built from scratch and trained in Indian languages and wants to take on the likes of ChatGPT and Bard. While this is clearly just the beginning for Ola, can it make it big in the long run? Find the debate here.