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I look forward to reading either/view every morning. It is my daily dose of a new perspective, new learning. What makes it stand out in news publishing is that it's authentic and you literally read both sides of the story.

Neelam Jain

Founder, PeriFerry

I really appreciate what goes into providing a balanced perspective on the day's important issues. It's heartening to see a newsletter that understands that nothing is black and white and in this world, everyone has their reasons.

Vinay Sekar

Associate Product Director, Autos, U.S. News & World Report

either/view newsletters are very thought-provoking and sensible reads. Amazing work on the research on the truth and multiple perspectives or narratives that are delivered on a platter to the readers.

Thoshy Felix

Lead Consultant, TCS

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The University Grants Commission (UGC) granted the "autonomous status" to several universities. That might not sound headline-grabbing, but it's pertinent for the country's education sector. From the universities' point of view, this might come as a welcome surprise as it's seen as a feather in their caps. Autonomy can help them diversify and expand their offerings and faculty. However, some have pointed out that granting autonomous status doesn't always translate to better learning outcomes or quality education.

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The controversial history associated with the juvenile justice system in the country is far from unknown. With the rise of juvenile crimes in India, we thought it was fitting to take a look at the laws that govern juvenile offenders and the rights they have at their disposal.

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Polls on waiving farm loans, SC's Delhi metro ruling, government's demands from WhatsApp, forest certification scheme, and autonomous educational institutions.

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Sex work or prostitution has been a topic of immense debate among feminists across the world. While some feminists argue that sex work or prostitution should be abolished, others feel that it should be legalized.
Discern both sides of a news story & Debate intelligently

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