July 6, 2024

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🗳️ POLL RESULTS – Week 182
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Has the national political balance shifted toward South India?

Daily | 1 July 2024

Where are the political winds blowing in the country? As the recent Lok Sabha election results trickled in, all eyes turned toward political veteran Chandrababu Naidu, a stalwart of South Indian politics, and his Telegu Desam Party (TDP). Combined with the performances of regional parties in the South holding off the BJP, are the winds blowing toward South India? Read more on this here.

Will the new Nalanda University campus regain its past glory?

Daily | 2 July 2024

Nalanda University now has a new campus spread across 455 acres, thanks to the government. The new modern campus, built for over ₹1,700 crore, has state-of-the-art facilities and is seen as a collaborative effort between India and East Asia Summit (EAS) countries. But will the university regain its past glory in its new avatar? We discuss it here.

Can the Public Examinations (Prevention of Unfair Means) Act ensure India’s exam integrity?

Daily | 3 July 2024

The Centre brought in the Public Examinations (Prevention of Unfair Means) Act to curb leaks and organised malpractices across several entrance exams. Can such a criminal law tackle the issues at hand? Can they restore some sense of integrity to the exam system? We unpack this here.

Can parametric insurance be a game-changer?

Daily | 4 July 2024

India and some other countries are looking at parametric insurance as a tool to bridge any financial gaps. Unlike regular insurance, parametric insurance relies on a predetermined set of parameters that will trigger a payout. Is this just what the doctor ordered to ensure everyone is financially secure? Find the debate here.

Should the FSSAI be replaced?

Daily | 5 July 2024

Excess sugar in baby cereals, harmful chemicals and pesticides in spices. These are just a couple of controversies food safety authorities have had to deal with. Everyone naturally looks to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for answers. However, they’ve come under fire for not properly implementing food safety standards. If India is to overhaul its food safety framework, should the FSSAI be replaced or be bolstered with changes? More on this story here.