January 13, 2024

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🗳️ POLL RESULTS – Week 157
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Can OpenAI and news publishers co-exist?

Daily | 8 January 2024

As we enter 2024, AI will likely continue to dominate the news cycle. We didn’t have to wait too long as the New York Times sued OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement in a landmark suit late last month. It’s likely to create a new battleground over the unauthorised use of published work to train AI models. This suit could set an important precedent and begs the question – can news publishers, OpenAI, and other AI models co-exist? Read more on this here.

Is the Red Sea crisis India’s next big economic challenge?

Daily | 9 January 2024

The Red Sea is now a hotbed of activity following a spate of attacks on cargo ships by the Houthi militia of Yemen. This crucial maritime route that links Europe and Asia through the Suez Canal is now unsafe. That means global trade has taken a hit. Will this become India’s next economic challenge? We discuss it here.

Should signboards display local languages prominently?

Daily | 10 January 2024

A controversial debate has been happening for a while now – should signages and signboards be mandated in local languages? Can the state government force commercial entities to change their signages? Doesn’t this pit languages against each other? We unpack this here.

Will the BJP’s minority outreach pay dividends during the upcoming Lok Sabha election?

Daily | 11 January 2024

Over the past year, part of the BJP’s strategy for the LS election has become clear – minority outreach. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is actively trying to reach out to minority communities, even if it’s just to break the opposition’s vote banks. In particular, the outreach is to the Muslim and Christian communities. Could this strategy pay dividends? Will it be enough to siphon off votes and prevent the opposition from coming to power? Find the debate here.

Should the New Umbrella Entity (NUE) framework be revived?

Daily | 12 January 2024

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had plans for a New Umbrella Entity (NUE). It was an alternative digital payment system. The RBI seemed keen. It made sense, given the growing volume of digital transactions. However, some stakeholders weren’t convinced about its necessity. Inviting foreign companies was another no-no for some. Does the NUE deserve a second look? More on this story here.