January 20, 2024

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🗳️ POLL RESULTS – Week 158
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Should the Opposition attend the Ram Mandir inauguration?

Daily | 15 January 2024

Invitations have gone out to politicians and celebrities, and the media is waiting to see who shows up. What about the Opposition? Leaders like Sonia Gandhi and Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge were invited. Lest we forget, we’re in an election year. The Ayodhya temple issue has been nothing but controversial and fraught. After a couple of weeks of probably deliberating, Congress decided to decline the invitation. The CPI(M) followed suit. Is this a mistake on their part? Read more on this here.

Has the Indian Super League (ISL) helped Indian football?

Daily | 17 January 2024

The formation of the Indian Super League (ISL) was meant to usher in a footballing revolution. Somewhat modelled after foreign leagues, the goal was to raise the sport’s standing and develop new talent for the national stage. The ISL is now in its 10th year. Has the tournament ushered in the necessary changes, or is it too early to judge? We discuss it here.

Are India-Maldives relations permanently ruptured?

Daily | 18 January 2024

A few Maldivian ministers decided to post derogatory messages against Prime Minister Narendra Modi following his visit to Lakshadweep. Things escalated from there. President Mohamed Muizzu’s election already didn’t bode well for relations with India. It only went downhill from there. Is this just a bump in relations for both countries, or something permanent? We unpack this here.

Is the new Broadcasting Services Bill good or bad?

Daily | 19 January 2024

The government has seemingly taken note of the changing media landscape and formulated plans to regulate it for modern times. However, several groups have raised concerns about censorship and content control. Find the debate here.