April 13, 2024

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🗳️ POLL RESULTS – Week 170
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Who’s in the right on the Katchatheevu issue?

Daily | 8 April 2024

This small island between Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka is at the centre of political discourse. While the BJP accused the Indira Gandhi government of ‘giving it away’ to Sri Lanka, the opposition begs to differ and has pointed out the BJP’s hypocrisy. Who’s right? Read more on this here.

Are Civil Services hamstringing India’s development?

Daily | 9 April 2024

There are probably many who faced trials and tribulations before finally succeeding in the UPSC exams. Perhaps Sanjeev Sanyal isn’t a fan. He’s a member of the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister. He described how lakhs of people spending years attempting the UPSC exams is a waste of youthful energy. Is he right? Would Indians be better off putting their energy into other aspirations to help the country’s development? We discuss it here.

What will Manmohan Singh’s legacy be?

Daily | 11 April 2024

As Manmohan Singh departs the Indian Parliament, no doubt people will look back on his political and public service career. Any politician of his stature and longevity will naturally attract that kind of attention. Will his legacy be one of success amid challenges, or are there more losses than wins politically and policy-wise? We unpack this here.

RBI @90 – How has it performed?

Daily | 12 April 2024

Celebrating 90 years, the RBI has increasingly been under the spotlight in recent years as it helps India navigate a post-pandemic world. There’s even more attention on its thinking behind interest rate changes, what the RBI Governor feels about the economy, and so on. How has it fared over the decades? Find the debate here.