June 1, 2024

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🗳️ POLL RESULTS – Week 177
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Can Microsoft revive the PC?

Daily | 27 May 2024

Microsoft recently announced its AI PCs. Called the Copilot+, the company is betting on inbuilt AI capabilities to usher in the next generation of AI PCs. CEO Satya Nadella put it this way – hoping to revive the Mac vs PC rivalry. That’s a big gamble, given the popularity of Apple’s product lineup in this category. Can Microsoft do it? Read more on this here.

Has the NaBFID served its purpose well?

Daily | 28 May 2024

Given the government’s infrastructure and economic growth ambitions, it has set up the National Bank for Financing and Development (NaBFID). The mandate was simple enough – support the development of long-term infrastructure financing. Has it been able to do that? We discuss it here.

Does India need more airport privatisation?

Daily | 29 May 2024

The next round of airport privatisations is expected to happen after the ongoing elections. According to Adani, 30-35 airports are on the list for privatisation by 2025. Is this what the future holds for India’s airports? Is it the right step to take Indian aviation to the next level? We unpack this here.

Should healthcare come under the Consumer Protection Act?

Daily | 30 May 2024

A couple of weeks back, the Supreme Court ruled that advocates can’t be held liable for deficiency of service under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). But what it said after is what’s really interesting. The court said its 1995 ruling, which held that doctors and other medical professionals can be held under the CPA should be revisited. This is significant because it touches upon several aspects of the relationship between a doctor and their patients. Find the debate here.

Does seeking arrest warrants in the ICC against Israel and Hamas leaders set a good precedent?

Daily | 31 May 2024

The chief prosecutor at the International International Criminal Court (ICC) has applied to the pre-trial chamber for arrest warrants against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, and three Hamas leaders for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The announcement has received mixed reactions. However, will this latest development have any bearing on how such warrants are issued in the future and how countries deal with conflicts? More on this story here.