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Collegium System versus the National Judicial Appointments Commission

Daily | 19 December 2022

There’s currently an ongoing debate on how judges should be appointed to the Supreme Court (SC), the highest court in the land. The government is unhappy with the collegium system. The Court struck down the National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC). We’ve got these duelling narratives on judicial appointments. Read more on this here.

Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill, 2022

Daily | 20 December 2022

The new bill aims to allow India to achieve its international commitments on climate change. It focuses on energy transition, favouring renewable energy sources and green hydrogen. While the ambitious bill can significantly reduce emissions, can the country afford such a vast transition? We discuss it here.

Reliance enters the FMCG segment – What are its prospects?

Daily | 21 December 2022

In India, Reliance is looking to make space for itself on store shelves by entering the (FMCG) market. It’s certainly a crowded market, but can Reliance squeeze in? Will they dominate? Is there enough space for a new player? We unpack the issue here.

Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2022 – Progressive or Ambiguous?

Daily | 22 December 2022

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance has called for a series of clarifications and changes in the proposed Competition (Amendment) Bill 2022, but are they a step in the right direction? Find the debate here.

100 days of Bharat Jodo Yatra – Beginning of a Congress turnaround?

Daily | 23 December 2022

As the Bharat Jodo Yatra completed 100 days recently, the question remains – what’s next? Congress has a new President. That’s one change. But electorally, what’s in store for the party once the Yatra ends? Will it have been worth it? Will the people see the party differently? Find the debate here.