February 4, 2023

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🗳️ POLL RESULTS – Week 110
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Can France help India diminish its reliance on Russia?

Daily | 30 January 2023

Today, India and Russia have an invaluable bilateral strategic alliance. Such an alliance is not seen between India and any other nation. Russia has also provided India with significant political, economic, and strategic help. However, in light of Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the nefarious antics of China, Russia’s iron comrade, at the LAC, India needs to find itself an alternative. Fortunately, for India, it does not need to start a search afresh, as it may already have an option in France. Read more on this here.

Mughal Gardens: Should the name have been changed?

Daily | 31 January 2023

On January 28th, the Rashtrapati Bhavan gardens, popularly referred to as the Mughal Gardens, were renamed ‘Amrit Udyan’. The Centre’s move triggered sharp reactions – some lauded it as a long overdue decision while others decried it as an attempt to rewrite history. We walk through the crossroads where experts and politicians seem to diverge. We discuss it here.

The Indus Water Treaty saga: Where do India and Pakistan stand?

Daily | 1 February 2023

The latest potential flashpoint between India and Pakistan is the decades-old Indus Water Treaty agreement. The long-standing dispute over hydroelectric projects could fester and grow in the coming months. India wants to modify the treaty, and Pakistan is refusing to budge. Who’s in the right here? We unpack the issue here.

The Article 370 postscript: Is all well in Ladakh?

Daily | 2 February 2023

On January 30, Ladakhi engineer and innovator Sonam Wangchuk completed his five-day Climate Fast for Ladakh’s environmental and regional concerns. Wangchuk claims that all is not well in Ladakh. It corresponds with the growing disenchantment of Ladakhis over the past four years. The abrogation of Article 370 promised a better future for the people of the Union Territories (UT), but whether the achhe din are being delivered, is a matter up for debate. Find the debate here.

Budget 2023: What’s in store for the agricultural sector?

Daily | 3 February 2023

One of the components of the budget is seeing what it does for farmers and the agriculture sector. While the government has hailed the budget as farmer-friendly with a boost to the sector, some experts and the opposition have criticised it for its shortcomings. So, where does the budget land concerning the agriculture sector? Follow the story here.