September 9, 2023

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🗳️ POLL RESULTS – Week 141
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Is Shashi Tharoor a viable candidate for the post of Chief Minister in Kerala?

Daily | 4 September 2023

As the INDIA coalition takes shape against the BJP, the Congress is in a tricky position in Kerala. They’ve not had the best relationship with the current ruling party but know they can’t upset the apple cart. One person whose name has been bounced around as a possible Chief Ministerial candidate is Shashi Tharoor. A seasoned politician from the state, Tharoor could give the Congress a boost in Kerala. But is he an ideal candidate? Read more on this here.

Is a Uniform Road Tax feasible in India?

Daily | 5 September 2023

At a time when bringing uniformity to our personal civil laws is being deliberated, shouldn’t we also look at implementing it in our automobile industry? But how will the states be compensated adequately if a uniform central taxation is imposed? We discuss it here.

Will Saudi Arabia’s bet on longevity research pay off?

Daily | 6 September 2023

If you need to find a “cure” for ageing, if there’s even such a thing, you’d need lots of time and money. Put a lot of people in a room together with a mission to increase our lifespans, you’ve got a lot of time combined. But who has the money? Saudi Arabia, for one. They’re betting billions of dollars on research to make humans live longer. Is this a worthwhile effort or a waste of time and money? We unpack this here.

Should India rethink its relations with Bangladesh?

Daily | 7 September 2023

India has long-running and complicated relations with countries like Pakistan and China. One country that doesn’t get as much attention is Bangladesh. The country is in a precarious spot right now with the international community’s worry about its democracy. Given India’s proximity to Bangladesh and the shared history, what should India do? Find the debate here.

Is it time for Assembly Elections in Jammu and Kashmir?

Daily | 8 September 2023

J&K has been in political limbo for a while now. It has been without an elected government since June 2018. Several leaders have been repeatedly calling for assembly elections to be held in the state. Proponents say it’s way past time to gain some electoral ground, but others aren’t in a hurry. More on this story here.