April 17, 2022

Good morning. Every Sunday, we publish the results of polls from feature stories that were published the past week. We also give a brief overview of the topics that were discussed.

ūüó≥ÔłŹ POLL RESULTS – Week 69
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MSRTC Protests – Workers versus Government

Daily | 11 April 2022

MSRTC workers have been demanding¬†the¬†corporation be merged with¬†the¬†state government of Maharashtra, entailing them¬†the¬†requisite benefits of a government employee. However, there are challenges to such a demand which don’t seem practical. We look into this here.

Election Freebies: Are they just about policy?

Daily | 12 April 2022

Earlier this year, a petition filed in¬†the¬†Supreme Court called for deregistering political parties that give out ‚Äúirrational freebies‚ÄĚ.¬†The¬†court then sent a notice to¬†the¬†Centre and¬†the¬†Election Commission of India (ECI) regarding these handouts, calling them a ‚Äúserious issue‚ÄĚ. But¬†the¬†ECI begs to differ. According to them, a freebie is nothing more than a policy decision. Follow this debate here.

Paddy Procurement: Telangana versus the Centre

Daily | 13 April 2022

In the never-ending saga of states against the BJP-led union government, the latest episode has the Centre clashing with the Telangana government, led by K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) and his Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS). This time, the narrative has some familiar beats Рfarm policies and procurement of crops. We decode this here.

India’s Dwindling Poverty Levels: Fact or Fiction?

Daily | 14 April 2022

The IMF recently published a report that went over India’s economic successes during the pandemic. What is this success, you ask? Well, that we’ve managed to practically wipe the country clean of extreme poverty. But critics have found fault with the report. Find both sides to the story here.

TRAI’s 5G Recommendations – Impact on the Telecom Sector

Daily | 15 April 2022

India’s long-awaited journey of 5G seems to be picking up steam. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recently announced some recommendations on¬†the¬†upcoming 5G auctions. While they’ve done so in¬†the¬†interest of¬†the¬†process and end-users, everyone isn’t on board. Read more here.

Rights of Prisoners of War (PoWs)

Know Your Rights | 16 April 2022

Under International Humanitarian Law, an individual has¬†the¬†primary status of either civilian or combatant. Their secondary status is dependent on whether they’re captured. Then, combatants become PoWs, and civilians become protected persons. Based on this, their legal rights and privileges are accorded under¬†the¬†laws of war. Read all about this here.