December 3, 2022

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🗳️ POLL RESULTS – Week 102
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Make In India – Has It Worked?

Daily | 28 November 2022

Launched by the government in 2014, the Make in India initiative aims to transform the country into a global design and manufacturing hub. This programme will also play a crucial role in achieving India’s chances of becoming a $5 trillion economy by FY27. While it boasts progress on paper, has the initiative made the leaps and bounds that the government claims it has? Read more on this here.

Web 3.0 – Where does India stand?

Daily | 29 November 2022

With Web 3.0 being the next big thing, where do countries come in? For India, with its increased digitisation push, where does it stand? Does Web 3.0 represent a new opportunity, or are we moving towards something we’re unprepared for? We discuss it here.

Dissecting the Gujarat Model

Daily | 30 November 2022

The Gujarat model became a huge success story for the overall development of the state under the guidance of Narendra Modi, who was Chief Minister at the time. While the Gujarat model refers to a period of improved progress and growth under the economic policies put in by Modi, the politicisation of the growth model has made it one of the tenets of the BJP’s electoral campaigns over the years. We unpack the issue here.

Super apps – Are they the next big thing?

Daily | 1 December 2022

There’s a new trend now. It’s called super apps. It has everything a company sells under one roof, rather, one app. Companies like Tata and Reliance are already in the game, and others might follow soon. Is this the beginning of something new and exciting, or are companies jumping the gun? Find the debate here.