September 2, 2023

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🗳️ POLL RESULTS – Week 140
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Are zero-deforestation commitments effective?

Daily | 28 August 2023

Many companies had announced “zero deforestation commitments”. Simply put, companies wanted to know how their business might be affected by deforestation and wanted to do something about it. What part do they play in perpetuating deforestation? How far do these commitments take us toward a reduction in deforestation? Are they successful or just another line item? Read more on this here.

Did the Bhakti tradition flourish under the Mughal rule?

Daily | 29 August 2023

In a rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Sagar district, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Ravidas awakened society during instability and oppression. The narrative may be old, but the new claim deserves a deeper dive. Did the Bhakti movement emerge against the oppression of the Mughals, or did it flourish in the period’s socio-political currents? We discuss it here.

Is Japan right to release water from the Fukushima nuclear plant?

Daily | 30 August 2023

Japan’s plans to release treated water stored at the plant have caused controversy. Authorities are confident they’ve taken every precaution and adhered to all safety protocols and standards. However, locals, some officials, and even other countries aren’t pleased. They see it as reckless and life-threatening. Who’s right? We unpack this here.

Will Disney’s strategic pivot pay off?

Daily | 31 August 2023

From having the lion’s share of paid subscribers to reporting a $41.5 million loss on revenue of $390 million for the year to March 2022, Disney has had quite a tumultuous journey in India. The company has been dealing with a dwindling user base and streaming revenues. But CEO Bob Iger is now shaking things up. It involves offering free cricket on smartphones. With the Asia Cup on the horizon, expectations are high. Will the strategic pivot pay off, or is the anticipation over-inflated? Find the debate here.

Will nano urea help India’s agriculture sector?

Daily | 1 September 2023

The government wants to reduce its dependence on importing urea, and the local nano urea project is the best way. However, scientists and others aren’t convinced nano urea has any material benefits for farmers. More on this story here.