November 25, 2023

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🗳️ POLL RESULTS – Week 152
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Should there be a minimum age for class 1 admissions?

Daily | 21 November 2023

Maria Montessori once said early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society. Given how important the early years are for learning and absorbing everything around us, education forms the basis for all that. It starts at the pre-school level, and then we make the leap to formal education in class 1. However, there has been some recent discussion on what’s the appropriate age to admit kids in class 1. Read more on this here.

Can night shifts bring more women into the workforce?

Daily | 22 November 2023

Being a country of over a billion, India has unique challenges but is also uniquely positioned to work on this front. We have a large service sector that employs lakhs of people. We’ve also become, in many ways, the world’s support staff, working round the clock. That means people working during the day and also all night. Is there an opportunity here to bring more women into the workforce? Is it the right approach? We discuss it here.

Should governments rely on consulting firms for policymaking?

Daily | 23 November 2023

Consultants are hired by governments to help them formulate and implement public policy. Private consultants are now engaged across most central ministries and departments of state governments. While they can prove helpful for complex issues, particularly in a country with over a billion people, is it a good move? Would they be held accountable if things don’t go to plan? We unpack this here.

Will D2M technology be a boon for India?

Daily | 24 November 2023

It has become easier than ever to consume content on the go. While that’s true, you still need a cellular network with good coverage. But what if you could still access all the content you want without one? That’s Direct-to-Mobile (D2M). It’s what the Indian government sees as the next step. It would be a boon for everyone to access the content they want whenever and wherever. However, not everyone is pleased about this proposal. Find the debate here.