September 4, 2022

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🗳️ POLL RESULTS – Week 89
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Judging The Tenure Of Former CJI NV Ramana

Daily | 29 August 2022

As the former Chief Justice of India (CJI), NV Ramana, retired recently after serving an eight-year term in the Supreme Court, we thought we could take a look at whether his tenure was fruitful or less than satisfactory. Read more on this here.

Can EdTech Institutions Disrupt Traditional MBAs?

Daily | 30 August 2022

When it comes to MBAs, there are several options at home. There are obviously top-tier institutes in India or perhaps others in Europe or the USA that some might have an eye on. But what if there is something different? EdTech companies are looking to continuously disrupt the MBA education space. Will they succeed? Can they offer something that traditional MBA courses don’t? We try to find out here.

Is Moonlighting Ethical?

Daily | 31 August 2022

As food delivery platform Swiggy recently launched a new policy that allows its employees to work on projects outside their shift timings, many have come forward with contrasting opinions. The move has stirred a massive debate on the ethics of the moonlighting policy. While some believe it is better for employee satisfaction, others think it is blatant cheating. We unpack the issue here.

What Is Mikhail Gorbachev’s Legacy?

Daily | 2 September 2022

In the wake of his passing aged 91, Mikhail Gorbachev’s death comes at a striking time as we’re six months into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and NATO gaining strength. As with any consequential leader’s passing, many offered their views and memories of Gorbachev. With that comes the talk of his legacy. Is he purely a liberator or someone more complicated? Read more on this here.

Rights Of Juvenile Offenders

Know Your Rights | 3 September 2022

The controversial history associated with the juvenile justice system in the country is far from unknown. With the rise of juvenile crimes in India, we thought it was fitting to take a look at the laws that govern juvenile offenders and the rights they have at their disposal. Read more here.