November 19, 2022

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🗳️ POLL RESULTS – Week 100
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Union Government’s Guidelines To TV Channels – Harmless Or Slippery Slope?

Daily | 14 November 2022

Per its latest guidelines, the Union Government has directed television channels to air at least 30 minutes of “national importance or socially relevant” content. While some have been doing this for decades, there’s now a directive applicable to all channels. Is this a harmless, even good decision by the government, or is it problematic and considered meddling? Read more on this here.

FTX Debacle: Is The Future Of Crypto In Doubt?

Daily | 15 November 2022

The global crypto market experienced a roller coaster ride following the collapse of FTX, a digital currency exchange pioneered by prominent crypto entrepreneur Sam Bankman-Fried. The decline of the platform has furthered the doubt about the already shaky crypto market. Will it hold on, or are its days numbered? We discuss it here.

Was the release of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination convicts right?

Daily | 16 November 2022

The decision taken by the Supreme Court, while on the surface level simply a judicial one, has wide-reaching implications on the socio-political environment of the country. Understanding the various layers of this decision taken and the effect of this judgement on the judicial body of the country as well as Indian society is imperative. We unpack the debate here.

Is the G20 still relevant today?

Daily | 17 November 2022

Global leaders have landed in Bali for the G20 summit to hash things out and see what can be done. The theme this year is “Recover Together, Recover Stronger.” The focus will be on global health, sustainable energy transition, and digital transformation. While that’s all good, is the G20 still relevant today? Or is it needed now more than ever? Find the debate here.

Relevance of the Press Council of India

Daily | 18 November 2022

Regulating media while ensuring freedom of speech is a tricky task. While having a free press in the nation is essential, curbing hate speech is just as important. In this regard, has the Press Council of India (PCI) done an adequate job? With the rapid transition to digital media and the development of technology, has the body been able to keep up? More on this here.