November 26, 2022

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FIFA World Cup 2022 – Was it a mistake to award it to Qatar?

Daily | 21 November 2022

Just days before the tournament, former FIFA President Sepp Blatter said it was a mistake to award Qatar the World Cup. While bringing the beautiful game in such a grand way to the region is significant, is Blatter right? Have the controversies in the run-up to the tournament validated his statement? Read more on this here.

The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022 – A Step In The Right Direction?

Daily | 22 November 2022

The draft bill has been made available for public comment as the government is expected to introduce the bill in Parliament in the upcoming budget session. After many attempts, is this draft a hit or a miss? We discuss it here.

COP27 – Was it a success?

Daily | 23 November 2022

With the recent COP27 meeting in Egypt between nations looking to work together on combating climate change, there was already a lot of chatter before it began. Certain outcomes are on the table and agreed upon by several countries. So, was the meeting a success? Does the loss and damage fund represent a win for COP27? Or are we not looking at the fine print? We unpack the debate here.

Great Nicobar Island Project – Necessary or Ecological Disaster?

Daily | 24 November 2022

Envisioned by NITI Aayog, the Great Nicobar Island (GNI) project aims to construct a “Greenfield city” on the island in order to promote tourism as well as reinforce national security. But at what cost? The ambitious project has invited criticism from many environmentalists despite being a strategic security move. Find the debate here.

Opening up the Indian space sector – Is it a good move?

Daily | 25 November 2022

Lofty goals require a lot of time and resources. ISRO is no NASA. There needs to be measured expectations of what India can and can’t achieve as part of its space ambitions. That being said, will bringing in the private sector take India’s space sector to new heights, literally? Or is there an inherent risk to turning this sector into a playground for profit? More on this here.