December 10, 2022

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🗳️ POLL RESULTS – Week 103
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Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) – Are they good for a developing country?

Daily | 5 December 2022

Of late, India has been on something of an FTA spree with several countries. This wasn’t always the case. There was a period when India was sceptical. Now, the FTAs cover several products, from textiles to automobiles and pharmaceutical products. But are FTAs beneficial for developing countries? Or do they only help developed and rich countries leaving developing countries with the scraps? Read more on this here.

Mediation Bill 2021 – A Step Forward?

Daily | 6 December 2022

It is common knowledge that the Indian judiciary is synonymous with lackadaisical and tardy processes of the courts. The backlog of cases in the judiciary is enormous and as a way of combating this, the Mediation Bill was introduced in the Rajya Sabha on December 10, 2021. In a country with crores of pending cases, mediation is set to become an effective alternative dispute resolution mechanism. While the Bill has the right intentions, there is a lot of work to be done. We discuss it here.

Can India eliminate tuberculosis by 2025?

Daily | 7 December 2022

The TB Free India campaign, started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, aims to eradicate tuberculosis by 2025, five years earlier than the deadline established by the UN’s sustainable development objectives. Will this goal be actualised into reality? And can we aim for a country completely free of tuberculosis? We unpack the issue here.

China Plus One Strategy – Can India Benefit?

Daily | 8 December 2022

As part of the diversification strategy, many believe that India is at a strategic vantage point and can use this strategy to become economically powerful. A robust GST collection in India clearly indicates one thing – that its economy is growing at a good pace. But can China Plus One strategy elevate India’s growth to the next level? Find the debate here.

The Global South – Does India have what it takes to lead effectively?

Daily | 9 December 2022

For India, it’s an important time as it assumes the G20 presidency for the year ahead. The country has outlined the stakes and guiding philosophy – a voice for the Global South. It’s a region that India feels is underrepresented in global forums. Can India effectively lead on this philosophy? More on this here.