January 21, 2023

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🗳️ POLL RESULTS – Week 108
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India’s Wealth Inequality Problem: Can A Wealth Tax Solve It?

Daily | 18 January 2023

In 2021, India’s top 1% owned more than 40.5% of its total wealth, while the bottom 50% of the population owned 3% of wealth cumulatively. Keeping in mind the present government’s policy of corporate exemption and India’s complicated relationship with direct tax, how good of a solution is a wealth tax to bridge the wealth gap? Read more on this here.

National Security Strategy – Is it time India defined one?

Daily | 19 January 2023

With plans underway to introduce military theatre or unified commands soon, veterans have appealed to the government to not place the cart before the horse and outline a national strategy first. Avoiding an explicit security strategy has been a peculiarity of all governments of India since 1947. This is why it is important to question whether it is time India makes its national interests clear or whether it is more fruitful to continue running on an ad hoc basis. We discuss it here.

Women in Politics: Is women’s nomination in elections improving?

Daily | 20 January 2023

Elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh have illustrated the unwillingness of major parties to nominate beyond a handful of women. Despite women’s nomination numbers being higher than in the previous elections, their success rate remained low. With assembly elections ongoing and Lok Sabha (LS) elections on the horizon, it is time to assess whether women’s marginalisation in politics has remained stagnant or if there are sunnier skies ahead. We unpack the issue here.