July 22, 2023

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🗳️ POLL RESULTS – Week 134
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Is a 28% GST on online gaming & gambling too harsh?

Daily | 17 July 2023

The GST Council decided on a 28% GST for the online gaming sector. According to gaming companies, that’s as bad as it could get. They’ve come out strongly against that number, saying it’s only going to curtail their and the sector’s growth. The government, on the other hand, deems it appropriate. Read more on this here.

Can agroforestry be the key to sustainable farming?

Daily | 18 July 2023

Agrofarming is expected to usher in a farming revolution. In 2023, when a world war for food and resources doesn’t seem that implausible, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has drastically reduced food grains, it’s something to consider. But its long gestation period reduces its appeal to the farmers, the very people who will be tasked with leading this forecasted revolution. We discuss it here.

Has Ayushman Bharat moved India closer to universal health coverage?

Daily | 19 July 2023

Ayushman Bharat is the government’s flagship scheme to help provide free health insurance to low income earners. The goal was to move from a segmented and sectoral approach to a need-based healthcare service scheme. Since universal coverage is the ultimate goal, is the scheme getting us closer to that goal, or are the steps too small? We unpack this here.

Is the CUET system flawed?

Daily | 20 July 2023

When the Common University Entrance Test’s (CUET) UG 2023 results were released this time around in July 2023, criticism of its fairness resounded across the nation. Complaints over its current errors have resurrected ghosts of its errors past. But it may just be teething troubles, which would explain the confidence of the National Testing Agency (NTA). Find the debate here.

Can I.N.D.I.A defeat BJP in the 2024 elections?

Daily | 21 July 2023

Parties and politicians sell their vision to people in hopes the masses buy in. As several opposition parties look to form a united front, they’ve come up with the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) as a counter to the BJP. Will this be enough to take on Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party machinery? More on this story here.