July 15, 2023

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🗳️ POLL RESULTS – Week 133
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Tele-MANAS chatbot: Will it solve Kashmir’s mental health crisis?

Daily | 10 July 2023

On July 5, Manoj Sinha, the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, unveiled the inaugural Tele-MANAS chatbot in the region. It will ensure that health counsellors, clinical psychologists, and consultants are accessible 24×7. Tele-MANAS brings a glimmer of hope to communities left alone to navigate the tumultuous aftermath of political violence, the pandemic, and human rights abuses. Can it truly make a lasting impact, or will it merely scratch the surface? Read more on this here.

Is hormone therapy a safe treatment for menopause?

Daily | 11 July 2023

For many women, menopause is not just a natural process of ageing. It can be a tough, painful, and drawn-out battle. For working women, it’s a reason they leave the workforce. Many have turned to Hormone Replacement Theory (HRT) as a cure. The medical community seems divided on how effective HRT can be in this case. We discuss it here.

Are Carbon Capture systems worth it?

Daily | 12 July 2023

Carbon capture technology captures CO2 emissions before they are released into the atmosphere, effectively reducing the carbon load on our planet. It offers countries a pathway to build circular economies around carbon, with industries leading the charge. But there’s concern that companies are using carbon capture as an excuse to continue relying on fossil fuels. In such a scenario, where climate action hinges on the ethics of large energy conglomerates, one might wonder if CCS is a worthwhile investment. We unpack this here.

Will professional gaming level up in India?

Daily | 13 July 2023

In India, gaming has come a long way and has crossed several multi-generational hurdles. The Esports scene in India isn’t exactly as popular as the IPL, not many events are. With a growing young population eager to try out new things and follow their passions, there’s an opportunity for Esports in India. On the flip side, are we overestimating the easy path Esports can have here? Find the debate here.

Should there be an upper age cap for electoral candidacy?

Daily | 14 July 2023

Very little age diversity in the Indian parliament and top political leadership begets the same question from time to time: should there be an upper limit to contesting in elections? After all, if the Constitution can prescribe a minimum cap, it can do the same from the top. People of this school of thought argue that age caps will clean up the political space, leaving it in the hands of a more representative cohort. On a closer look, however, there may be better solutions to usher in age diversity than imposing age limits. More on this story here.