October 7, 2023

Good morning. Every Saturday, we publish the results of polls from feature stories that were published the past week. We also give a brief overview of the topics that were discussed.

🗳️ POLL RESULTS – Week 145
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Should large-scale infra projects take a back seat in Himachal Pradesh?

Daily | 2 October 2023

Whenever natural disaster strikes as it does every few months, rampant construction and tourism in Himachal Pradesh are blamed for being responsible for the calamities. For a state that has only recently started making strides in infrastructure, would it be prudent to keep its development plans on halt for the sake of its people’s survival? Read more on this here.

Is Humans of Bombay right in suing People of India?

Daily | 4 October 2023

HoB seeks damages and injunctions against PoI for appropriating their business model, stories and “unique format of storytelling”. But does a “copy” hold the right to admonish others for the same copying? We discuss it here.

Authors versus OpenAI: Copyright Infringement or Fair Use?

Daily | 5 October 2023

Prominent authors are suing OpenAI. The authors claim that ChatGPT has been trained on their copyrighted works without due compensation. Do the allegations of these authors hold weight? How do we deal with copyright issues in the realm of generative AI? We unpack this here.

Will PhonePe’s app store disrupt the market?

Daily | 6 October 2023

PhonePe recently launched its Indus App Store, marketed as a Made-in-India alternative to Apple and Google. PhonePe has been on quite the journey since its launch, and the new app store is its next big step. But does it pose a serious threat to Google and Apple? Find the debate here.